Real-Estate Investment Funds

Risk Management for Real Estate Investment Funds

The risk management service for real estate investment funds is presented as an outsourced service or consultancy service, within the framework of “the Communiqué on Principles Regarding Real Estate Investment Funds” and Risk Management Procedures. A detailed analysis is carried out by taking into account all the risk types applicable to the Real Estate Investment Funds. The main types of risk are:

  • Market Risk
  • Liquidity Risk
  • Financing Risks
  • Currency Risk
  • Funding Risk
  • Interest Risk

Scenario analyzes (both regional and macro level) and crisis scenarios related to the real estate investment are simulated for real estate fund portfolios. As a result of all these analyzes, the simulations are realized in order to produce scenarios for estimating maximum losses under changing market conditions.

RiskTurk analyzes fund portfolios through valuation periods, and prepares the necessary Risk Reports which are legally required by authority.