Credit Valuation Module

Financing large scale projects and investments depends on loans obtained from banks or other financial bodies. Different financial entities lend different amounts, at different rates and with different payment schedules. Financing the right project with the right resources is especially hard when it comes to large projects with high costs as structures of offered loans become more complex with longer maturities and higher amounts. The Loan Evaluation solution developed by Risk Software Technologies greatly simplifies this process and offers an advanced yet easy to use tool for decision makers.



  • Easy to Use and Detailed Project and Proposal Input Screens
  • Present Value (PV), Net Present Value (NPV), Interest Rate of Return (IRR), Duration and Payback Period Analysis, Modified Payback Period Analysis
  • Cash Flow Generation
  • Sensitivity Analysis with Riskturk’s Advanced Yield Curve Models
  • Advanced Amortization Schedule Generation with Fixed and Floating Interst Rates
  • Cross-Sectional Comparisions with Different Foreign Currencies and Yield Curves
  • Comparing Projects with Different Lives