Risk Software Technologies (RST) is a leading financial software and consulting firm. Our young, dynamic and talented staff completed very important projects in a very short time.

Our Market Risk, Credit Risk and Asset Liability Management Solutions have been applied to many important Turkish banks since 2001. Today, our customers are experiencing the convenience of RST's fast and efficient solutions for their problems.

All of our projects are package solutions that include risk management consultancy and training, data integration, software license and personalization of our software according to your needs.

With our systems, including our last 4 applications which  were served to top-5 private banks of Turkey whose assets are measured by billions dollars, we analyze billions of records for our customers. Finance software developed by Risk Software Technologies is used by many different financial institutions.

In addition, we have recently focused on expanding our solutions to include the real sector, pension funds and portfolio management companies.

Our team works with financial econometricians and risk experts who are experts in their fields of research, consultancy and training, and are members of important academies in Europe and the United States.

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Who Are We?

Prof. Dr. Burak Saltoğlu

As one of the co-founders of Risktürk; Burak Saltoğlu provides consultancy services on credit risk, market risk, ALM, derivative pricing, operational risk and fixed income instruments to Akbank, Ak Portföy, BRSA, BNP-TEB, Garanti Bank, HSBC, Reuters, Vakıfbank and YKB.

He has written extensively in internationally renowned publications such as Japan and the World Economy, the Journal of Forecasting, International Journal of Business and Economics and Applied Financial Economics.

In addition, there are international presentations in the fields of financial econometrics and risk management in the UK, USA, Canada, Portugal, Japan, Sweden and Italy, as well as local presentations on derivative pricing, APY and risk management. His main research interests are financial econometrics, quantitative finance, and financial risk.

After graduating from METU with a BA and  from Guelph University with MSc, he received his Ph.D. from Essex University and took the the title of Professor of Economics. He is currently teaching undergraduate and graduate courses at Boğaziçi University.

İlker Koçyiğit

After completing her undergraduate studies in 1997, he took part in the software development stages of various projects such as banking automation, Internet solutions, invoicing and accounting solutions.

He worked as a software development specialist at Yapı Kredi Bank and Koc.net. In 2001, with Burak Saltoğlu, he founded Risktürk, the first local company to offer various software solutions on risk management.

He undertook various tasks in the design, development and improvement stages of risk management solutions developed at Risktürk. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from Middle East Technical University and a Master of Science degree in Mathematics from Istanbul Technical University. He has also a CSQE (Certified Software Quality Engineer) certificate issued by ASQ.

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